Everyday Warriors – Effective Self-Defense For Beginners

The Everyday Warriors Programme is designed as a launchpad into either our Direct Pekiti or Pekiti Flow programmes, or both. The full programme will be held over an 8-week period.

As such, it will cover material that is shared by both. Namely:

  • Footwork Patterns
  • Basic Striking Mechanics
  • Single Stick
  • Double Stick
  • Single Knife
  • Empty Hands

4-Week OR 8-Week Induction Programme for Beginners

During the first four weeks you’ll develop:
  • Superior positioning through Footwork
  • Ambidextrous Coordination through Double Weapon Drills
  • Efficient ways to generate power through Body Mechanics exercises
The next four weeks will see you develop:
  • Transferability of the system from sticks, to knives, to unarmed combat.
  • A better sense of timing through counter-offensive drills.
  • Combat-oriented decision making through the stringing together of various drills.

*Our next Everyday Warriors Induction Programme begins on Monday, the Third of September, at 7 p.m.