Direct Pekiti
Direct Pekiti is available to older teens (16+) and adults, and is targeted at those who don’t have the intention or time to commit to mastering the art and would rather opt for immediately applicable skills for high-probability engagements.
Only the Tri-V methodology of training is used due to it’s focus on direct combat applications and combat-timing based drills.
Students will explore application of Pekiti concepts and principles through both solo and partner drills utilising:
  • Double Stick
  • Single Stick
  • Double Knife
  • Single Knife
  • Empty Hands

We’ll also explore improvised and tactical platforms like:

  • Tactical Pen/Kuboton
  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Improvised Weapons


Direct Pekiti

  • Wednesdays – 8pm-10pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)
  • Saturdays – 3pm-4pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)


  • Training Gear
  • Open Mind, and desire to learn, apply yourself and have fun :)
  • Training shirt / tank top + shorts or track pants / sweatpants
  • Trainers
  • Spare shirt if you plan to change out after class.
  • Lots of water! (we recommend at least 1.5L per hour)