Pekiti Flow
Pekiti Flow is available to older teens (16+) and adults who wish to develop skills to a high degree. It is primarily targeted at the Martial Arts aficionado who wishes to immerse themselves into learning the all aspects of the style – developing and fine-tuning skills and attributes with the goal of mastery.
Pekiti Flow utilises both the classical Doce Methodos and newer Tri-V methodologies of training to deliver a holistic Pekiti-Tirsia journey to martial artists.
Students in Pekiti Flow will explore PTK through all the traditional weapon platforms:
  • Double Stick
  • Single Stick
  • Double Knife
  • Single Knife
  • Espada y Daga (Sword and Knife)
  • Empty Hands
  • Malayu Sibat (Spear)

We’ll also explore other weapon platforms like:

  • Karambit/Lugod
  • Flexible Weapons
  • Wasay (Tomahawk)


Pekiti Flow

  • Mondays – 8pm-10pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)
  • Sundays – 1030am-1230pm, East Coast Park near Carpark C2


  • Training Gear
  • Open Mind, and desire to learn, apply yourself and have fun :)
  • Training shirt / tank top + shorts or track pants / sweatpants
  • Trainers
  • Spare shirt if you plan to change out after class.
  • Lots of water! (we recommend at least 1.5L per hour)

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