Valkyrie Warriors – Self-Defense For Women

Valkyrie Warriors is developed for the modern warrior woman. It will equip women with the skills to take their safety into their own hands and walk anywhere with confidence.
Superfly Tactical’s exclusive women’s only self-defense course, Valkyrie Warriors focuses on effective techniques which don’t rely on brute strength or size. This course is perfect for those who fear potential aggressors will be larger and stronger than them.
The Valkyrie Warriors programme is designed to impart the necessary skills to EVADE, ENGAGE, and ESCAPE from the second you start training. Based on the Filipino Martial Art of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, you’ll learn a few simple skills which allow you to defend yourself against a wide variety of assault.

The programme is designed using the framework of the Pekiti-Tirsia Tactical Association’s well-regarded TriCom programme. TriCom is a programme developed using the Tri-V methodology to impart immediately applicable skills to Military and Law Enforcement Organisations.

4-week OR 8-week Induction Programme

Don’t want to commit to a regular class just yet? Try our Induction Programme instead.
During the first four weeks you’ll develop:
Weeks 1 to 4:
  • Superior evasion using battle-tested footwork patterns
  • Powerful strikes through efficient body mechanics
  • Combat coordination via challenging and fun drills
Additionally, you’ll also learn how to counter a straight punch, and knife thrust.
In the following four weeks you’ll learn to apply the fundamental skills to a wider, and deeper, level:
Weeks 5 to 8:
  • Application of skills to counter common grabs
  • Develop deeper skills to finish engagements safely
  • Use your body’s geometry to take down a larger opponent.

*Our next Induction Programme begins on Tuesday, the Fourth of September, at 6.30 p.m.

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Woman fights with man, self-defense technique
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